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Full Scale Health Coaching is part of  SHE Will Foundation's Healthy Lifestyle Initiative. Dr. Sherita McQueen guides you through a holistic health approach to developing and maintaining positive changes that not only modify mindsets and appearance but improve one's quality of life.

During health coaching, you'll receive help to define what's most important to your health, discover and implement new strategies to help you reach your health goals, and then receive motivation, accountability, and support while you create new healthy habits. You'll be guided through change and growth, you'll increase your individual ability for self-awareness and capacity for self-care and move past any barriers to reaching a higher level of individual health, wellness, and mindfulness.

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Nutrition plays a vital role in Health and Wellness and nutritional supplements can help. Where to start?
First, identify the problem areas and commit to a lifestyle change. Ask yourself: Am I truly prepared to change my habits and diet? Weight loss starts in your mind, then your body.

Second, set aside the time needed to make these changes for success. 

And Third, be consistent.

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Although our programs are administered to the community, income eligibility requirements are used in determining eligibility for free and reduced price services.


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