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Good day, thank you for visiting. Here at SHE Will Foundation, you are loved and you are welcomed. Our goal is to support families as they transition into a place of healing, freedom, overflow, and freedom. We aim to shift the mindset of ' just getting by'. We were never created worry, we were not created to fear, we were never created to just get by. We were created to live in the abundance of overflow.

You have experiences unlike anyone else's. Take pride in what you've been blessed with. Those situations, trials, and tribulations, were only for you! Here we believe 

We never lose, We either WIN or we Learn! -Nelson Mandela

 Now...... Rules Of Engagment from this day forward:

Let's start this over. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Here's a challenge, go back through your mental Rolodex and all those experiences you have stored, safeguarded behind lock and key, let's dig them up. Let's see how many life lessons we've learned that we never paid attention to before. I'll bet there are some really great ones, now that we're shifting the way we see situations. Remember, it's impossible for us to lose! WE EITHER WIN OR WE LEARN!  (remove lose from your vocabulary)wink




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