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Sis, get a hold of yourself! (is what I was told) STOP medicating yourself because "they" say something must be mentally wrong, STOP hiding out because you don't want to be seen in public, STOP being afraid of what "they" are saying and/or thinking about you, STOP giving away pieces of yourself to people who don't deserve you and STOP saying you can't do it.  Does this sound like your life

Daily I meet women who need help paying rent, help to pay electric bills, help to find jobs, help to get out of abusive relationships, help to get their children back from foster care, or even just needing someone to believe in them that will support them in their journey. People often ask me “what does SHE Will Foundation help with?” and my response is always “everything”. Now, do you understand why? There are so many reasons women come to SHE Will Foundation but for every reason they come, there are always 10 more unaddressed. Again, NOW do you understand my EVERYTHING answer?

We are so excited you decided to join us. We have already accepted 2020 to be our year of INCREASE and EXCHANGE and so again You Are Welcome Here. This is one of the best decisions you could make. It's going to be the ride of your life. Get comfortable because you're family now. This blog was created to not only supports our sister, friends, mothers, aunts, nieces in need of assistance, but here we can discuss topics that we need to discuss; about family, friendships, relationships, lifestyle, health and nutrition, self-care, business, money and budgeting, and any other topic we need to. 

It's really simple; if you don’t how can you expect anyone else to? On top of that, if 'you' don’t even like 'you', then why would others? What you give 'you' is exactly what the world will give 'you'. The same things you dislike about 'you' or that make 'you' not want to be with or spend time with 'you' is the same things others see and dislike. If 'you' don’t love 'you', the biggest problem is 'you' won’t be able to see love when it comes nor fully except someone else loving 'you'. Know your value and refuse to accept less even from YOURSELF.

There's a theme here? Have you caught it yet??? IT'S YOU!


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