SHE Will Foundation is, what WE like to think, is an escape. When going through CRISIS or TRAUMA you may feel as if you have NO ONE (which is where we come in, thinking back on the title). Our organization accepts you for who you are while welcoming  YOU to our world to alleviate situations. REAL people go through REAL LIFE experiences. We aren’t here to judge. We want to know how you FEEL and we want you to know that it’s OK to NOT be OK. It’s OK to NEED or WANT HELP. “When women support each other, incredible things happen”. A motto that we abide by faithfully. We like to express ourselves and would love you to do the same (whether it be in WRITING, SPOKEN, or through ABSTRACT art), an OUTLET for you to be HEARD. Not to JUDGE. You are IMPORTANT. YOUR feelings MATTER, NEVER feel as if YOU are ALONE. YOU are NEVER ALONE.  


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