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Purpose, Mission, and Vision of SHE Will Foundation


The purpose of SHE Will Foundation is to support, help, and empower women affected by crisis, (domestic violence, homelessness, pregnant, hungry, unemployed, needing community resources) change their financial status, improve their health, well-being, and living conditions, and to become agents of change and role models in their homes and communities.

Our mission is to empower women with resources, education, information, identifying marketable skills, and connections to other programs and networks for support.

Our vision is to create sustainable change for all women, their families, and their communities resulting in the development of women, families, and communities who are stronger and healthier physically, financially, and emotionally.

SHE Will Foundation uses an all-inclusive plan that addresses the social and economic empowerment of women, families, and communities.


SHE Will LOVE and allow herself to be loved,



We provide emergency, short term, long term planning, and employment assistance.


  • Contacting partner agencies for assistance and referrals are arranged.
  • Connections with shelters, food pantries, clothing banks, and local healthcare providers.
  • Assistance with locating resources for housing and utility support.


  • Women learn basic business or vocational skills that will propel them in their local communities as entrepreneurs if so desired.
  • Women receive help with resume writing, employment, and education applications, mock interviews, and vision boards.
  • Women receive help from successful women who have experienced similar crises in their lives.


  • Women are encouraged in finding solutions to common challenges that can be avoided or easily resolved with stress management techniques.
  • Women set realistic goals for changing their mindset and lifestyle, preventing the occurrence of a future crisis, removing the stigma of a ‘victim’ and cultivating the mentality of an overcomer.
  • Women learn to love themselves just as they are and change the way they perceive their bodies and self-worth.
  • Women build confidence and self-esteem from the positive encouragement of other women.
  • SHE Will Foundation participants experience meaningful change, including a greater sense of purpose, stability, an increase in average daily income, and higher education.

To request our services Or To participate in any our programs:

Download and Complete our Client Intake/ Participant Application here. Then email your completed Client Intake Application along with a copy of your picture ID to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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