A Word From Our Founder

I am Dr. Sherita McQueen the Founder and Creator of SHE Will Foundation. 

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY along with my siblings, in a single-parent home. Growing up wasn't always easy but I still have some wonderful memories. I knew very early on that I had to make a difference in the lives of women like my mom; who are doing the best they can with what they know and have.

I retired from the US Army where I met my wonderful husband and now Central Texas is where we call home. Together we share 4 sons; young men, who haven't seen any of what I saw in my teenage and young adult years. I was determined that that cycle would NOT repeat itself. And so my passion to help other women, children, and families break free from whatever keeps them bound was formed. 

My foundation strives to improve the lives of women by empowering them with education, skills, knowledge, and the resources and support necessary to overcome adversity in this age of changing social and cultural norms.

Official Biography

A rising non-profit leader, professional speaker, and motivator, impact and sustainability analyst and consultant, Dr. Sherita A. McQueen, is a woman who lives a life of passion and purpose. It was while working to create better experiences for herself, that she realized women in America, needed someone to champion their causes too. Her fierce desire to explore every inch of the planet also served as the catalyst for what is known today as the S.H.E Will Foundation, a growing non-profit organization designed to create sustainable change for all women, their families, and their communities resulting in the development of women, families, and communities who are stronger and healthier physically, financially, and emotionally. SHE Will Foundation uses an all-inclusive plan that addresses the social and economic empowerment of women, families, and communities.

Dr. McQueen is a graduate of Troy University with a focus in Social Services, a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Ashford University, and a Doctorate’s of Theology from Oval Bible College and Seminary. Dr. McQueen received her Health and Wellness Coach certifications from International Sports Sciences Association and is Owner/ CEO of Full Scale Health Coaching where she guides participants through a holistic health and wellness approach to developing and maintaining positive changes that not only modify mindsets but improves ones quality of life.

Over the years Dr. McQueen has expanded her commitment and vision of empowering women and girls by creating new platforms such as When Women Support Each Other Incredible Things Happen, peer-led open discussions for girls where they are encouraged to discover and use their unique voices concerning the societal and political factors plaguing their communities and schools. Supporting, Helping, and Empowering women affected by crisis situations, (domestic violence, homelessness, pregnancy, starvation, unemployment, assistance with finding community resources) change their financial status, improve their health, well-being, and living conditions, and become an agent of change and role model in their homes and communities.

Dr. McQueen’s community-based efforts to improve education, health, wellness, and economic opportunity for women and girls doesn’t just benefit them, they benefit the men and boys around them as well; i.e. their husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers. She has been involved in projects that include high level targeted impact and advocacy in health, wellness and women's issues and is looking to ignite the fire in women who, in fact, could enlighten their families, countries and the world.

Dr. McQueen believes starting a conversation is the first step in promoting positive change and resiliency that we become true champions.


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