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Good day, thank you for visiting. Here at SHE Will Foundation, you are loved and you are welcomed. Our goal is to support families as they transition into a place of healing, freedom, overflow, and freedom. We aim to shift the mindset of ' just getting by'. We were never created worry, we were not created to fear, we were never created to just get by. We were created to live in the abundance of overflow.

I am Dr. Sherita McQueen the Founder and Creator of SHE Will Foundation. 

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY along with my siblings, in a single-parent home. Growing up wasn't always easy but I still have some wonderful memories. I knew very early on that I had to make a difference in the lives of women like my mom; who are doing the best they can with what they know and have.

I retired from the US Army where I met my wonderful husband and now Central Texas is where we call home. Together we share 4 sons; young men, who haven't seen any of what I saw in my teenage and young adult years. I was determined that that cycle would NOT repeat itself. And so my passion to help other women, children, and families break free from whatever keeps them bound was formed. 

My foundation strives to improve the lives of women by empowering them with education, skills, knowledge, and the resources and support necessary to overcome adversity in this age of changing social and cultural norms.


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