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It's really simple; if you don’t how can you expect anyone else to? On top of that, if 'you' don’t even like 'you', then why would others? What you give 'you' is exactly what the world will give 'you'. The same things you dislike about 'you' or that make 'you' not want to be with or spend time with 'you' is the same things others see and dislike. If 'you' don’t love 'you', the biggest problem is 'you' won’t be able to see love when it comes nor fully except someone else loving 'you'. Know your value and refuse to accept less even from YOURSELF.

There's a theme here? Have you caught it yet??? IT'S YOU!



Why should you love yourself?

That depends on how do you assess your worth.  Just like anything else, what would you be willing to pay for, let's say, concert tickets? Or how much energy would you put towards winning a championship? Your worth means what do you think a person should be willing to do to get you, be with you, ultimately share in your living space whether it be as a spouse, friend, or even family member. The bottom line is this, if you aren’t taking me higher you are probably pulling me down. Everyone in life that you come into contact with isn’t going to ride for you or with you in everything. Remember, 

Everything happens for reason, season, or lifetime. - Author Unknown

I know we’d all like to believe that everyone is true and 100 % honest with every word that flows out of his/her mouth, however, that is, well, to be honest, a fairytale. Most are just trying to get in where they fit in as they are passing through your life. 


You’ve got to decide for yourself that you are worth more than that. You aren’t just a pass time until someone finds better. You have to know how you desire to be treated, loved and what you will and won’t except. It starts with how you love yourself. Stand on that, don't change your morals or values for anyone.

Beware of destination addiction. The idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, or even with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere other than within you, it will never be where you are.



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