Sis, get a hold of yourself! (is what I was told) STOP medicating yourself because "they" say something must be mentally wrong, STOP hiding out because you don't want to be seen in public, STOP being afraid of what "they" are saying and/or thinking about you, STOP giving away pieces of yourself to people who don't deserve you and STOP saying you can't do it.  Does this sound like your life

Stop the Negative Self Talk

If you're anything like me, you don't need any help talking yourself into or out of anything. You don't need any help to criticize yourself or throw away the key to the mental prison you've entrapped yourself. STOP the negative self talk! Break free from the things you use to keep yourself bound. No longer will you abuse your body or compromise your integrity. No longer will you put it off for tomorrow or the first Monday of NEVERary. laugh I can laugh now because this used to be me. 

I can talk about how I was crying about what happened and proclaiming defeat before the fight really began. Afraid to take control because somehow I felt like I deserved it and was destined to stay there. But I had to, as we say, put my big girl panties on and take control of what needed to happen next. I realized nothing would happen if I never took that first leap of faith.  Soooo.... my conversations with myself changed and went a little something like this:

Girl, GET UP! Right Now! You are better than this! Rise from that place you've become so comfortable. Clean your face, fix your hair, and put some clothes on. Throw away all the pain of yesterday; but don't just throw it away, then take the trash out! Press the reset button and start over. 

Don't go down the same road of despair, hurt and confusion alone like I did. Help is here if you need it. The desire of SHE Will Foundation is to Support, Help, and Empower (and encourage). We want to walk with you as you become all you are destined to be while reaching your full potential. 

No longer put off for tomorrow what you should have started yesterday. 

heart this is brought to you with love!



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